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Overall goal is:

  • To reduce the excessive mineral nitrogen fertilization for a highly sustainable and resource-saving production in intensive Chinese agriculture


  • Decreasing production costs, improving farmers´ low incomes,  achieving a better product quality, decreasing environmental pollution and enhancing food security

Scientific and/or technical working achievements:

  • Transfer and extension of innovative technologies and research results into Chinese agricultural practice and the agricultural extension services
  • Chances for German agro-industry and SMEs to introduce their innovative products and technologies into the Chinese market

Specific objectives:

  • To carry out field trials on representative farmers’ field sites and in greenhouses for demonstration purposes
  • To facilitate the introduction of innovative technologies and practices to farmers
  • To adopt and disseminate soil and plant quick test technologies to detect the soil fertility and plant nutrient status
  • To develop simple visualization tools to prepare nitrogen balances on a farm level
  • To develop powerful spatial sensor systems to non-destructively detect nitrogen surpluses as surveying and management tools for regional and national advisory institutions
  • To introduce intelligent enhanced efficiency fertilizers such as newly developed nitrification and urease inhibitors
  • To introduce and adapt successful existing German technology to the in situ conditions of Chinese agriculture
  • To involve farmers and the agricultural extension services
  • To include parallel agro-economical investigations and to promote the introduction of innovative production systems
  • To simulate the N cycle on a field scale using a model for N advisory purposes, and to couple with a GIS for regionalization
  • To prepare and introduce optimized fertilization and management strategies
  • Round-table discussions between different interest groups as well as training sessions and scenario analyses for the different stakeholders involved
  • To make recommendations for action to policy makers and decision makers, including the Chinese government

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